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Getting a little anxious…

Well, I started this whole low carb, high protein diet on Saturday (while on vacation in Florida, I might add). Luckily, my surgeon only requires 10 days. Let me clarify… it’s a ten day diet, 6 days low carb/high protein and then 3 days liquid only (as in protein shakes, broth, sugar free jello, etc.), and 1 day water and broth only. WHAT THE HELL?

I have done fine being compliant on the low carb deal… but the headaches have been awful! I mean, to the point that when I get home from work I want to go to sleep just to get away from them. This is day 6 and guess what… I friggin’ made it!!! I woke up this morning and felt pretty snazzy! No headache. Whoop, Whoop! So now, I am a little stressed because tomorrow I start liquid only. Bummer. Now, I can be compliant. Not a problem. I just don’t want to feel yuckie! I guess I don’t know that I will feel yuckie… this is just my assumption.

5 more days! 5 more days! Surgery is in 5 more days!

Let’s keep it POSITIVE! And I’ll keep you posted!


Holy Shopping List Batman!!!

So…. My husband, two boys, and I ran off to Pensacola Beach this weekend for a little vacation before my surgery (which is in 8 days). Yes, I got a little sun burned… but even so, it felt great! I have to say, if I could move to PB right now, I probably would. It’s our new favorite place. We have gone twice in the past 4 1/2 weeks. LOL! The point is…. when I got back last night (while doing mounds of laundry to prepare for the work week) I sat down and made out my “list.” You know…. all those things I need for the liquid diet, pre-op prescriptions, post-op prescriptions, protein drinks, vitamins, etc…..

That’s a big old list! I have three prescriptions to pick up for pre-op and five for post-op. I have a 10 day, pre-op diet (which I started ON vacation) that I need to get foods for… as well as the 4 day liquid diet that I have to do as well. I also have to do a bowel cleanse the night before surgery (nice. why did no one tell me this sooner). The day before surgery I can only have water and broth. WHAT!?! My tummy is going to eat my tailbone!

Needless to say… there are tons of things to prepare for. But you know what? It’s ok. I am ready. I am calm. It is time. This moment has been in my future for far to long and I am ready to meet is with open arms.

Long ass shopping list.

Boring liquid diet.

Pre-op poop fest.

More boring liquid diet….

All of it.

I am ready!

8 days and counting…….

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Fourteen Days…. and counting!

Man oh MAN!!! I have fourteen days before my surgery! I really cannot even express how freaking excited I am about that! Not to mention having two weeks off work (at the end of the school year)! SWEET! I also realize that I will probably feel like crap for the first half of that… but it will be so well worth it. I’d like to get your opinion on something… I have told NO ONE about this surgery other than my husband and my mother. It’s not that I am ashamed or anything like that… it’s just that I am not ready to handle the questions and the comments. How did you handle your situation? Did you tell people? I will probably eventually tell people… but right now, I’m just not ready.

Geez Louise! I just got a phone call… it was the “do it all” Lady at the Bariatric Clinic. I say that, because I am not real sure what she does exactly… but she has handled pretty much everything for me. Anyway, she was calling to tell me about my appointment tomorrow. It is an all day education session. I get a huge binder with any and everything I need to know pre and post op. I get my pre-surgery weight and measurements… and go over to the hospital for pre-op blood work. In addition, I talk to the exercise physiologist and the nutritionist (again). I’ll be busy for sure… She also gave me all the totals (money) that she will be collecting tomorrow. Wowzer… I am glad as hell that my insurance is paying for part of this. Good grief. I was expecting about $1,200 less than she told me… No worries though… I’ll get it paid. It’s for a worthy cause.

Well, let me go work the corner…. less than 23 hours left to make up the difference…

Sweating and other random thoughts…

I had a few minutes and I thought I would jot down a few things while they were rolling around in my mind. You’ll soon learn that I am VERY random and can appear to be a bit scattered at times. My husband likes to call me “Doug” from time to time… and for those of you who don’t know who Doug is… it’s the very distracted dog from the movie Up. I can assure you though, I am not random. The issue is, I am always thinking and having intense conversations in my head… YOU just can’t hear them… so when I pop out with what appears to be a random statement, it really is in perfect sync with the conversation in my head. LOL!

So let’s talk about sweating. I hate sweating. No, wait…. when I work in the yard or when I am exercising… sweat is fine! When I am trying to get dressed in my VERY tiny bathroom and I am sweating so hard that my makeup is sliding off my face…. not so much. I used to never sweat. I would just turn red and glisten ever so slightly. But, in the past 20 years or so… I’m a full blown sweater! YUCK! I am pretty sure it is because I’m fat. [Side note… at this point in my life, I blame everything on being fat. HA! But it’s usually true.] I cannot wait to start losing weight after the surgery. I hear all these people talk about losing the weight and then being cold all the time… BRING ON THE CHILL! I am ready for it.

I’m also ready to be able to sit in the stools at my breakfast bar without my hips oozing out the scrolled metal that create the arm rests. I sit down and it’s like pushing play-doh through the Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory. You know what I’m talking about. My husband sits down and his hips don’t even touch the sides. Good grief.

I want smaller clothes. I want to be able to shop in “normal” stores with everyone else instead of feeling like I have to get herded into the Fat Chick store to buy clothes. And seriously… I know I am 43, but do I have to dress like I’m 70? I realize that fat girl fashion has come a long way and there are some more up to date stores; however, in general…. it’s like shopping for my grandmother.

I want to run without the sound of a standing ovation. What do I mean?!? When I run… random parts of me smack LOUDLY against other parts of me and it pretty much sounds like I am clapping for myself! WHAT? Yeah, it happens.

I want to be able to let my husband pick me up without the fear of causing him to have a hernia…. or a ruptured disc. Bless his heart… he would definitely jump at the chance to pick me up. He likes to try all the time; however, I scream and squat. That pretty much makes it an impossibility. He really is the most precious man alive. He would give his left leg to be able to climb in my head and change my self image to the one he has of me. He tells me all the time how beautiful I am. What an amazing man…

I want to arrive at a family event and not feel like everyone is mentally calculating how much weight I have gained or lost. I wish weight wasn’t such a hot topic for my family. It’s annoying. Let’s just get together and love each other.

I want to eat a piece of cake without having people look at me with that, “You really shouldn’t be eating that.” look on their face.

There are so many more things I could write about… but time is running out. I have to get a move on! What do you look forward to after weight loss? I’d LOVE to hear…