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Learning Everyday…


Everyday seems to be a little learning session for me. Here are things that I have learned so far…

Originally, the thought of eating yogurt after surgery was NOT appealing at all. I mean, I ate the stuff before surgery… but somehow after surgery it just didn’t seem to float my boat. Sweet stuff has not been my go to flavor at all. I finally bit the bullet and ate some on Sunday. It was good, went down easily, and didn’t make me sad. LOL. Things make my tiny tummy sad from time to time. Not like angry sad… as in, “Damn, what did you just eat?!?!” But just sad as in, “Awwww… that wasn’t thrilling at all.” The point is… just because you didn’t like it yesterday (or didn’t think you liked it) try it again a few times… Your tastes will change like your panties. I promise!

Popsicles will calm my tummy when feeling blue. This could be if I “think” I am hungry or if I ate something that didn’t sit too well… the cooling of the popsicle seems to feel good these days.

I can take in more fluids when I drink… but it is still better to monitor myself so I don’t forget and guzzle. Especially if I let myself get thirsty. That’s never good.

Stay away from temptations. They are in the strangest places. I baked some salted caramel brownies for my husband yesterday. No big deal. Didn’t even want to eat one. BUT… had a saltine cracker in my hand the day before… I SO wanted to eat that sucker! Really? A stupid cracker? I didn’t eat it… but I can still see how I could easily toss back some empty calories if I were to let myself.

Your weight is going to fluctuate. Get over it. Do not be a slave to your scale. Be a believer in the plan. Stick to it. The weight will follow.

You are YOU and no one else. I may lose a billion pounds and you may lose two (or vice versa). Everyone’s body is different. We lose at our own pace. But, I promise… your body is not defective. You cannot remain the same weight forever if you follow plan. Just ain’t happening.

Exercise is key. It helps to keep you regular. It keeps your from losing all your muscle mass. It is necessary if you want to be successful long term. Exercise is for the rest of your life NOT just for the length of your diet.

Which brings me to my last nugget of glorious knowledge… this is NOT a temporary diet to help you lose “X” number of pounds. This is a permanent change. You will have to remain faithful to your plan if you want lifetime success. So, if you are looking at this as, “This time next year, I can eat this or that…” then you will be sadly disappointed with your regain.

I hope this doesn’t hit anyone the wrong way…. it is really a motivation for myself.

STAY FOCUSED… it is SO worth it!


Me, procrastinate? NEVER!😆

 Well, it’s Memorial Day weekend and I have this HUGE list of stuff to get done. We have lived in our home for a year and a half now… and we still have boxes in the den area. Please note, when I say “we” I totally mean my husband.😘 He is an amazing man. But he keeps everything and will “go through it later” to decide what he wants to keep. I am a purger. I toss crap every time we move. I figure, if I really want it, I’ll buy a new one later… but I ain’t packing and moving it! LOL!

Basically, I wanted to deep clean my house and get every tiny little item put away and every picture/painting hung. Weeeeeeeeell… I’ve mowed the yard (we have several acres to mow), weeded the flower beds, trimmed trees, gone to the store for dish detergent (and spent $27 on crap I didn’t need), and cooked my hubs all kinds of food. Haven’t cleaned the first item. 😞 Oh well.

Yesterday I was so terribly busy avoiding the house work that I forgot to eat. I probably got about 16 grams of protein in for the day. Oops! I am trying to do much better today. I was worried I was going to stall out this week… But I weighed today and I’m down another 2.4 pounds. Baby steps are good!

I did cook some ricotta and zucchini fritters last night. They were so creamy and yummy! I like experimenting! Now I have them for a week though! LOL! Tiny Tummy doesn’t take much! 

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend!❤️


Two Week Dr. Visit!

Alrighty!!! So I went to see Dr. Pinson for my two week post-op visit. I had to see the nutritionist also to get “approved” for the next dietary stage. 

April and I met first. She asked all about my vitamins, supplements, water, protein shakes, exercise, bowel habits, and pretty much anything that diet could effect. She is always so sweet. I’ve been having bowel movements everyday (despite thin consistency) until about three or four days ago. She told me to add in some benefiber or something similar if it made me feel better; however, most things will work themselves out when adding purée. I will add the fiber in because I don’t want to become constipated. Anyway… She gave me the green light for puréed foods. Yippeeee!

Next I moved in to see the nurse. She checked my weight and vitals. Everything looks awesome. I’ve officially lost 30 pounds since surgery (34ish in all). So I am totally stoked! Dr. Pinson was super proud and was practically fist pumping in the air!😀 

My first food…. Refried Beans with mealies cheese and a dash of sour cream. I started the half cup around 2:30 today and it’s 4:30 and I still have more to eat. Now, I realize I can’t eat a half cup of beans at one sitting… It just helps me count my protein if I measure it out and then go from there. I’m sure I’ll have to supplement with protein shakes for a while! Damnit! But hey!!! I can live with that! I can’t tell you how great I feel! I’m more and more human everyday! I still have to sit and take a breather if I get hot. It makes me queasy still…. But other than that. I am gold!❤️

If you’re still in the bench about surgery… If you think it’s too expensive…. If you think it may not work for you… I say, rethink it! This is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. No regrets, ever!

Oh yes…. I think I’m going crazy.

Not like fruit loop crazy… Just, “If I have to drink another protein drink, I’m going to snatch myself bald and run screaming in a circle!” kinda crazy.😖 

Let me explain… I am not a sweet person. I mean, I’m a nice person, I just don’t prefer sweets to eat. I’m a savory/salty/cheesy girl. I have had two protein shakes a day (and all the water I can stomach) since last Friday and I’m going a little batty!😁 I will totally make it until Monday when I go see my surgeon for my two week check in. Then I add soft/puréed foods. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not hungry in the slightest. I only eat because it keeps me healthy, feeling better, and keeps me from losing hair. LOL! I see food commercials on TV and don’t even bat an eye. It’s weird.

My whole existence has been getting in 60 grams of protein, drinking as much water as I can (which is greatly hindered by getting nauseated from the shakes), and exercising. I throw in some laundry and cook (if you call it that) for my kids and hubby… and that’s pretty much it. I know it sounds like I have lots of downtime, but I don’t really. I also know this is pretty temporary so I don’t complain (much). 😇 Today was the first day I put on “real clothes” and makeup since May 5th. I had an awards program to go to for my youngest kid. I have to say… Made me tired. I will go back to work on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week… I am SUPER stoked that I only have 4-5 days left of school after that. 😍 WOOT! 

Just a little sneak peak on my weight loss… Totally UNofficial though. I started my 10 pre-op diet on April 23rd and since then, I’ve lost 32.1 pounds. WHAT?!? I’m still swollen in my belly… so I don’t see it much; however, when I put my “real bra” on today (yes… You will want lounging bras for after surgery if you have big tata’s and usually wear underwire) and if fit soooooo much better. 

Baby steps folks! That’s all I’m going for. Baby steps!❤️

Home Again, home again…


Well… I made it!👍🏼 I had my sleeve done on Tuesday (5/5/15). I stayed at the hospital until Thursday afternoon. My surgeon requires a two day stay. I can say, I’m pretty ok with that… Even though the evening nurses woke me up every hour that first night. So here is how it went down…

I arrived at the hospital about 11:02am. I was supposed to be there at 11:00am… But parking was insane! I walked in and the lady said… “You must be Rhonda. We’ve been waiting for you. Dr. Pinson has already called to check on you.” I thought, good Lord! We were trying to park.😳 They scooted me on down the way, made me pee in a cup, change clothes, and put me in a bed. Glenda showed up, shaved my tummy (though no hair there) and part of my twootie. I asked for a heart design… But to no avail.😞 she put my compression hose on, socks with skid protectors, and those little air compressor do-hickies that keep you from having blood clots. Then she covered me with a circulating warm air sheet and a blanket. The next fella came in and talked to me about anesthesia again. He left. The main surgical nurse came in to chat and put a baggie on my head. She left. Then another nurse came in to pop my IV in. I hate IV’s. The last person who tried to put an IV in missed and went in again… I passed out. I’m not weak or anything. Still don’t know why that happened… but it freaked me out about IV’s. Anyway… This little lady asked me, “You want it in your hand or on top of your forearm?” I said… “Well, they both suck… But let’s do arm.” I have to say… BEST decision ever. I had full use of my hands while in the hospital. From there, Dr. Pinson came and chatted with me and my husband and then dashed off to further prepare. They rolled me off to the OR and my husband went to my room. Surgery and recovery were a blur.

I arrived to my room and still really do not remember much. Within an hour or so… Tressa (the nurse’s aide) had me up and walking laps. We are required to do a mile before we leave.😳 walking was good though. Helps relieve the gas pressure. I didn’t really have much past that first day though…  My sweet husband stayed with me as long as he could and then drove the hour back home to take care of the boys. He made this drive each day after dropping the kids at school and returning to pick them up. He’s amazing. 

Day two. I didn’t realize that you weren’t on a regular schedule for pain and nausea meds. You have to ask for them. Well, damn. So I finally ask for some pain meds. Since I had not done my swallow test just yet… I got something in my IV. The second that opiate hit my blood stream I looked at Hollie (my angelic nurse) and said, “Oh hell! Does this shit make you nauseated!?!?” She said it could. Well, it did. I went to my swallow test with a cold rag and a blue vomit bag. I didn’t throw up though… I almost lost it on the swallow test… but I kept it down. When I got back to the room my hubby was there. ❤️ 

At this point, Tressa brings me s/f jello, s/f popsicle, juice, and chicken broth. I was like… What in the WORLD am I supposed to do this that?!? She giggled and said, experiment. Your tastes are going to be really different. Think small and sip, sip, sip. Focus on your water. It was all awful. I couldn’t stomach it at all. I stuck with water. This day was full of peeing, walking, sipping, and sleeping.

Pretty much… The next day (Thursday) I went home. No pain meds needed so far. Today (Friday) I walked my mile, working on finishing 40 ounces of water, and may have 58grams of protein in before bed… If all goes as planned. It’s hard. It takes persistence. But I’ll get there.😊❤️😊❤️

The Time is Getting Close!


Well… this is it. The last day before my surgery. I am totally nervous and wildly excited too!!! Nervous because this is FOR REAL! No take backs. No do overs. When my surgery is over… a huge chunk of my stomach will be G.O.N.E. It will be cut off and tossed in the trash… never to hold food again. Wha WHAAAAT?!?! If that doesn’t scare the shit out of you… I’m not sure what does. I am skeeerd! LOL! I poke fun… but seriously, I am a bit scared about permanently altering myself. I have a little guilt about it too. Maybe if I had been better about taking care of myself, I wouldn’t be here. Maybe if I had found a little willpower… I could do it on my own. All sorts of things creep into my mind. But then I remind myself…. I have a whole history of family members who have fought this fight and NEVER won. I have genetics against me. This is my chance to take back the cards that were dealt to me, reshuffle, and deal them out again. I can change my future. THAT is the exciting part.

Yes… I will have to make some huge changes in my life that will always be there. But isn’t that the point? I am sure I will have buyers remorse. I have read far too many blogs from men and women who have cried over the decision; however, as time passes they all say (without hesitation) “I would totally do it again. It saved my life.” So, that’s what I am doing… I am saving my life.

I weighed myself this morning and on day 10 of my pre-op diet… I have lost a total of 17 pounds. Yay me! I talked to my “sister” in surgery, Bonnie, the other day and she shared a bit of knowledge with me. Apparently, I will come home from the hospital heavier than I was when I arrived. I did not know this. She said it was from all the fluids they give you, etc. GREAT! I am actually SO glad she told me or I would have had a mini breakdown over a big weight gain! So take that to heart… it is VERY important to share our stories with others. There is really no reason for people to be surprised.

Today I am on a complete water and/or broth day. So far… I am fine. I am worried because later, I have to take a double dose of erythromycin and neomycin. I will do this at 1pm, 2pm, 6pm, and 8pm. At 4 pm I drink half a bottle of magnesium citrate. I can handle the poops… there really shouldn’t be any… it’s the nausea from the antibiotics that stress me out. Say a little prayer that I can keep them down.

I’ll keep you posted! Not much longer now…..

Goose Poop Baby!


So, this is day ONE of my liquid diet… I must say, it is going really well. I haven’t resorted to eating paint chips off my office wall or anything AND I don’t even have a headache today! SCORE! I am; however, still having some poop issues. I guess about three days in to my low crab/high protein diet, I started having some crazy poop. Now, I will admit (and my husband will tell you) that I can have some wildly rancid farts AND I poop like clockwork at the same two times of the day. Weeeeell… let me tell you…. this diet has messed with my regularity (insert my sad face here). I don’t poop as often and when I do… it sorta sneaks up on me and is generally loose, green, and stinky. Goose Poop. I know this because I have 4 geese of my own. I know goose poop. I am hoping that this will change. I also have been told that things will be pretty sketchy in that department after surgery as well. On the upside… not a lot (if any) farting going on these days. My husband give that two thumbs up!

So, the moral to the story is… there isn’t one. HA! With any change you do going into your body… it’s going to be different coming out. Just be ready for anything. Truth is, I am super stoked about this journey and if I have a little goose poop along the road, then that’s ok too!

Chin up Buttercup!