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Week Seven and I’m STILL in Heaven


Well, here I am at week seven weigh-in and I’m still feeling pretty snazzy. I am continuing to need a protein shake to get all my protein in for the day… and sometimes, I forget to get that part in. Mostly it is due to the fact that it is summer and my schedule is pretty much whatever I want it to be. Yippeeee! But I need to stay focused on my protein.

We moved into our house almost a year and a half ago. Thanksgiving week. I do not recommend this to anyone. BAD idea. Anyway… needless to say, not everything got unpacked. I was sort of stored/shoved into the den and dining room areas. No pictures or artwork hung and generally a state of disarray. I work for the school district as a behavior specialist and my husband works for FedEx. The spring semester is really busy for both of us so it sorta just sat there even longer. THEN, I got the great idea to go back to school for my administration license… soooooo last summer (when I was going to tackle the unpacking) I spent everyday in class. The class spilled over into an internship (40 hours per week plus my regular duties) so NOTHING was accomplished at all this past school year. Which leads me to now. It is summer and I am not in school. We took the boys to camp last weekend for their annual two week stay. This week has totally been devoted to unpacking and putting things in the right place as well as hanging photos and artwork. The living room and dining room are finished! WOOT! I have now zeroed in on the den. This is where all my husband’s crap stuff is stashed. UGH! It will be completed TODAY! I promised myself it would be. After all this unpacking is done… I will have the pleasure of cleaning everything. Yay me!

My weight loss has been moving along. Not in the sonic boom speed that it was initially, but that’s fine with me. I would rather it be slow and steady. Maybe then I won’t look like a deflated balloon when it’s all over with. I mean, I know for a fact I will have jiggly, wiggly skin… but no need to aggravate the process. I eat about two ounces of protein at my meal time and usually that is all I can comfortably get in… but if I have room, I will take a bite of whatever veggies I cooked for everyone else. I did get a few bites of fruit in the other day… that was delicious! OH! I did discover a sprouted 7-grain bread at Trader Joe’s the other day. One slice has 5 grams of protein and only 7 carbs. That’s the best that I have ever seen. I made an open-faced turkey sandwich on it and was able to eat all of it except one or two bites. It isn’t something I will eat everyday (because it takes up space and bread is a trigger food… or at least it used to be) but, when you are wanting a sandwich… this hits the spot. It really took care of that desire for me. Funny… no angels sang or anything… I was totally expecting that. LOL. Interesting how your brain builds up the desire for something SO much and then it is sort of a let down. I like that, I guess. It has really made me see that food isn’t the wonderful, comforting, satisfying “thing” that I used to believe it was. I am moving on to filling that craving with gardening, l decorating, and porn. HAAAAA! Don’t choke. I totally mean food porn… aka, the Food Network. I watch food shows all the time now. My husband teases me about it. But guess who’s right in there with me watching it… That’s right. He has a slight addiction too!

Well, on to my stats. That’s what you really want to know…

  • Starting weight May 5, 2015: 300
  • May 18, 2015: 270 (-30)
  • Month ONE – June 5, 2015: 260 (-40)
  • June 12, 2015: 250.9 (-49.1)
  • June 26, 2015: 246 (-54)

Next week will be my two month weigh in… I would LOVE to hit 60 pounds gone; however, I don’t know that I can do that in a week. That would require some wild workouts. It’s summer and I am into relaxing…. EXCEPT today! I WILL FINISH THE DEN! Love you guys! Keep rockin’ whatcha got!


What a difference a month and a week make!!!


That’s right! It has been five weeks since my surgery. A month and a week. It seems like time has flown by and crawled all at the same time. I suppose it is time for my weigh in… so here it goes:

  • Starting weight May 5, 2015: 300
  • May 18, 2015: 270 (-30)
  • Month ONE – June 5, 2015: 260 (-40)
  • June 12, 2015: 250.9 (-49.1)

TaDaaaaaaa… I am .9 pounds away from FIFTY pounds! Woot! That totally excites me! I have 100 more to go and then the very hard and scary part of maintenance begins. One day at a time girls and guys! ONE DAY AT A TIME! I have to say… no regrets ever. Some people talk about being depressed that they can’t eat like they used to. Well, yes, there are times I wish I could chug a whole bottle of cold ass water to quench my thirst… but that’s about it. I really DO miss that. But engulfing a whole slice of pizza or sucking down a deliciously cheesy burger… well, the thoughts are there; however, the actual physical desire is not. I mean, I have to tell my husband some evenings… “Hey babe, please remind me that I need to eat a greek yogurt about 8 o’clock tonight. I need some more protein. OK?” And he literally has to remind me. WTH?!?! I love my sleeved life. It rocks!!! If you think all the crap you have to go through to get here is too much… IT IS NOT! Get the show on the road! Come join me! The living is fine!

REMINDER!!!! We all lose weight at different rates. 50 pounds in 5 weeks is not typical of everyone. PLEASE do not compare your progress with anyone else’s. Stay true to your surgeon’s plan for you and you will get there.

Keep on keeping on!!!

Be Adventurous!

This weekend I wanted to get some more lean cuts of protein into my tiny tummy. So I gave my sweet hubby his Father’s Day gift early… A beautiful gas grill. 😊 He cooked me a beautiful filet mignon on Saturday night. I ate two ounces of my steak and two pieces of asparagus along with a nibble or two of salad. It was deeeeeelicious! I still have leftovers in the fridge to eat later. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Sunday night we decided to cook buffalo burgers. No, I do not mean hamburgers with buffalo sauce… I mean ground buffalo meat. 😳 Take a look at two ounces…

I know you can get more protein in other places… But when you need a yummy burger, buffalo is a leaner cut of meat (unless you do venison). I made me a tiny 2 ounce patty and put it on a piece of my homemade cloud bread (no carbs and added protein). My tastebuds were happy. I ate all but one bite and stopped when I was satisfied. Score! It’s good to venture out and try things. It is SUPER easy to get stuck in the same routine everyday… that’s a sure fire way to become tempted. Boredom. I weighed this morning… Trying NOT to be a slave to the numbers but damn it’s fun watching them tick off! A month and three days since surgery… 43 pounds GONE! 😊 

Keep up the hard work folks and try to be adventurous in some way every day!πŸ‘πŸΌ

One Month Surgiversary… AKA Cinco de JunioπŸ˜†

So the great thing about having your sleeve done on Cinco de Mayo… You’ll always remember the date! LOLπŸ˜‚

As you can probably already tell by the picture posted above, it was a great month for me. Here are my stats.

  • Beginning Weight: 300
  • Month One: 260
  • Total Loss: 40

What?!? I am totally amazed, thrilled, and freakin’ happy!😍 This has been the best and greatest decision of my life… My husband has been incredibly supportive so that has been amazing. I have to tell you though, he has not pushed me to lose weight. He has only been in support of ME. A perfect example… The morning of my surgery, we were driving to the hospital and I voiced some worry about the surgery and life after the fact. My sweet husband said, “Babe, if you want to go home right now, we will! If you never lose another pound… I will always love you! You are beautiful and everything I want just as you are.” What a man. I love him so. Needless to say, my desire to be healthy was stronger than my worry and here I am one month later… 40 pounds gone.πŸ˜ƒ

So, what have I learned. I still have a lot of head desire for food but when it comes to actually eating it… I really don’t have the “want to.” If I didn’t eat all day, it wouldn’t bother me. I eat because I want to maintain muscle mass and retain my hair. Food is just “ok” these days. I feel so much better than I did a month ago. I have more energy and my aches and pains are pretty much gone. I have to still be mindful of my fluids and make sure I am getting them in daily. I can drink more at a time but still cannot chug a drink when I’m really thirsty. Chewing, chewing, chewing is SO dang important. Some foods work well with my tiny tummy and some foods… NOPE! Even with great, pulverizing chews.

Let me say this… Everyone loses weight at a different pace. I had a freakishly amazing month. Please do not compare yourself to me. It’s not fair to either of us. Shoot, I can’t even compare my second month to my first. It doesn’t work that way. Remember to be good to yourself and stay focused on the plan. It works.


I’ll keep you posted. Gotta go get my youngest son ready for his week long vacation with Big and Nana. Each summer, my parents take one grandkids on a week long vacation and it’s Jackson’s turn. He is doing a Florida tour. Starting at St. Augustine and worming their way south to end at Tampa. Gotta see a ballgame on every vacation! Ha!

Love you guys!!!