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To friend or not to friend…

Ok, so usually my posts are all about my weight loss or fitness stuff right? Well, today I was just sitting here and thinking… I don’t have any friends. Now don’t start saying, “bless your heart” and stuff… I mean, I have work friends that I interact with everyday and old school friends that I love to catch up with when I see them around town… But no one that I really connect with like a BEST friend. No one that I call to complain to or laugh with. My husband and my mama are my two best friends; however, I often wonder if I need a gal pal. I focus so much of my time and energy on my family that there is little time for anything else. My boys will both graduate from high school in the next five years and then they’ll be off to college. I don’t want to miss anything! Most of the time I guess I don’t have time to build a friendship with anyone else. Does that make me weird or antisocial? It’s not that people don’t like me… I’m funny as hell and people love hanging out with me. I just tend to be a home body, I guess. Maybe when the kids graduate, my husband and I can focus on having couple friends. I dunno… Until then, I guess you guys will be my buddies.😊

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I have been bitten by the SUP Bug!!!


There I am!!! On my SUP! We had the most fantastic day!❀️ We tried all kinds of boards and finally decided that we like the Original YOLO board and the YOLO Angler Board as they offer the most stability and awesome ride. The original board (pictured above) is 12′ long and around 31.5″ wide. It is SO pretty with a sea turtle painted on a bamboo overlay. Sadly, she cost a whopping $1,495😳 This means it will be a minute or two before I jump out there and purchase one. The carbon fiber paddle runs about $325. The reason we liked the YOLO Angler is because it is a HUGE 35″ wide and is set up to carry more weight as well as offers stability. Great for packing your fishing gear and spending the day reeling in the fish. I’m not really a fisherman… But the hubs loves it. I liked the board because I could really squat and get a great upper body workout with power strokes. Needless to say… We want one of each so we can interchange and share the boards. We really had a blast. I’m  really thankful for my sweet husband. He always goes out of his way to give me anything I want. What girl could ask for more?

In other news… I weight this morning and I’m down THREE pounds since Friday morning! Apparently beach life works for me!😍 This brings my total to 69 pounds and I haven’t hit my three month mark yet. WOOT! Hope your summer is shaping up as nicely as mine! Everyone needs to go to the beach!!!πŸ¬πŸšβ˜€οΈ

I have the BEST husband EVER!❀️

 So I was talking to my husband the other day about how my life has changed since the surgery and losing almost 70 pounds. I was going on about how food was such a joy and comfort for me… I mean just pleasurable… like close your eyes and make happy noises when you eat kinda happy. Of course not ALWAYS like that… But food was huge in my life. It was a time filler, a good buddy, a celebratory hug, a mindless activity while working… etc. But since surgery, I’ve lost that. Food is work for me. I eat to have nourishment not pleasure. Even when food is really, really delicious… It is far too fleeting to gain any true pleasure. I’m hoping that this sounds familiar to some of you… Or I’m just flippin’ nutso!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Point is, food left a big void in my life and I’m trying to fill it up with other things. Lately, it’s been gardening and growing veggies… working in the yard… exercising, etc. I have been telling my husband for months and months that I want to learn Stand Up Paddle Boarding. I think that would be a great way to be active, burn calories, and develop some muscle tone as well. Traditionally, it is a beach activity but it has grown so much in recent years that you can do it on just about any water. Now… My desire is to move to Pensacola Beach one day. It’s my favorite place ever! So what does my hubby do?!? He tells me this morning… Call Coastal Paddle Boards and schedule a lesson for Saturday. We will drive down Friday after work, spend the night, have a lesson, spend the day at the beach, and drive home. WHAT?!? ❀️ Marcus says he wants me to find new joys and pleasures… so why not start now? Isn’t he amazing? So sweet and supportive! I am truly blessed!!! I can’t wait to get there tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted on how well I do!

 It just seems like the most amazing way to burn calories😊

So, I’m a little late…


Good Morning Y’all! I am a little past late trying to get my month two stats posted… but it has been a busy, busy weekend! My boys were at camp for two weeks and we went t0 pick them up. The drive is only about 8 hours; however, Marcus didn’t get off work until late so we didn’t get to Knoxville until about 2am. We spent the night at my parents house and then made the last two hours on Friday morning. The boys were STINKY when we got there to pick them up. We took them to the hotel to let them shower and sleep while we took ALL their clothes to the Laundromat. The word funky doesn’t even cover it! LOL! We finally got back to the room and they were dead out! We had a wonderful weekend in Black Mountain and the Asheville area. We went to Tupelo Honey, explored the various vendors along the streets, shopped at Grove Arcade, spent hours at the Mast General Store, and watched fireworks. It was a fun weekend. The drive home was LONG! My husband is never in a hurry to get home… so we stop at every nook and cranny you can come to! We got home late on Sunday. I spent most of Monday at my mother’s house (no you aren’t confused… they have a house here and live in Knoxville). She and my dad are wanting to redo their kitchen and all the bathrooms… so I was with her while talking to the contractor and designer. I hope I have that kind of cash flow when I am her age. Gee. Anyway… here is what you want to know…

  • Starting weight May 5, 2015: 300
  • May 18, 2015: 270 (-30)
  • Month ONE – June 5, 2015: 260 (-40)
  • Month TWO – July 8, 2015: 239 (-61)

So basically, I lost 40 pounds in month one and 21 pounds in month two. You can see that the weigh loss has slowed down by about half… but I am OK with the results! I have gone from about a 24 to an 18. Matter of fact… I have to go shopping for a dress today because I have a wedding to go to this weekend. Let me get out of here so I’m ready when my mama gets here.

OH! As far as eating goes… I pretty much eat protein first and then take a nibble or two of veggies or fruit. My capacity is still pretty small. Never more than about 2-3 ounces (depending on the dryness of the meat). I eat slow and pay attention to how my stomach feels. When I think I am almost done. I stop. If I take another bite… you know, to get to the “done” point… it never feels good. So, when I think I am ALMOST done… I cut it off. It has worked really well for me.