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6 Month Check-In


So here we are at 6 months. Today marks a half year since I had my sleeve. WHAT?!?! It is totally crazy to think that 13 months ago I called Active Health and asked… “What’s a sista gotta do to get a sleeve?” My insurance was great and started me on my 6 months of phone calls right away. The time seemed to drag and fly by all at the same time. Just like after the surgery… I thought I would NEVER get out of the liquid phase, the pureed phase, the soft food stage, etc. And now, here I am living my new normal. People still ask me all the time, “What are you doing to lose so much weight?!?” I have not told anyone about the surgery yet… but today was the first time I felt a little guilt. A teacher that I work with asked me that question today. She is a young teacher. Beautiful, talented, funny, etc… but she struggles with her weight. I wanted to tell her my story. But I hesitated because I’m not sure that I want anyone to know. But… why don’t I want anyone to know? I’m not embarrassed. I have worked SO friggin hard to get where I am. I honestly don’t want to be the topic of conversation between people when I am not there. I can just hear them… “Well, you know… she had that surgery.” Blah, Blah, Blah. I don’t know… maybe eventually it won’t matter.

I have been feeling SO amazing lately! I got a super cute hair cut. I really think I like it straight; however, it is a pain in the butt to do straight because I wash my hair every morning (because I workout every morning). So, the idea of straightening my hair everyday SUCKS! Even so… You can tell me your thoughts about my hair. Keep in mind both pictures are kinda on the fly and not the best in the world.

Straight Hair… I hate in the car selfies! LOL!

Air Dried Hair. The Office Selfie!

OK… so here are the stats that you came to see:

  • Starting weight May 5, 2015: 300
  • May 18, 2015: 270 (-30)
  • Month ONE – June 5, 2015: 260 (-40)
  • Month TWO – July 8, 2015: 239 (-61)
  • Month THREE – August 5, 2015: 225 (-75)
  • Month FOUR – September 5, 2015 210 (-90)
  • Month FIVE – October 5, 2015 199 (-101)
  • Month SIX – November 5, 2015 188 (-112)

This past month I lost another 11 pounds and I am wearing a size 12 (down from last month’s 14). That is totally exciting. My weight loss just keeps sliding down. I do a lot of up and down throughout the entire month which drives me a little batty… but I have gotten used to it (sort of). The lose skin has become a comfort and a reminder to me about where I have come from. I embrace it and hate it all at the same time. It is funny though, I would NEVER walk around naked in front of my husband before. Now I will… even with my floppity skin jiggling all around. He is such a precious and amazing man. I hope that each of you have someone THAT amazing in your life. It is my greatest blessing (along side my sweet boys). And then there is my Mama. She and Marcus are the only ones who know the road I have traveled. I certainly could not have done ANY of this without them cheering me on. This is one bless chick!

Keep on truckin’ folks! We still have miles to go! 🙂

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