ONE Year 

Well… Here we are! It’s one year since my surgery. Ok, so it’s one year and 5 days. It’s crazy this time of the school year so I’m a little bit behind on my posting. Sorry! I will post the actual weight of my weigh-in day rather than today’s weight. But before I do… I am going to ramble just a bit. I still keep up with lots of the folks who had surgery around the time I had surgery. I also read lots of other blogs of new folks. Trying to offer help and encouragement where I can. Many of you know I am a straight shooter. I tell the truth, try to smack you out of your negative/nit picky spiral, and celebrate ALL victories. This mess is hard. It’s a mental struggle. You can get SO wrapped up inside yourself that you lose sight of the real successes. I’ve done it from time to time. We all do. The key is to stay focused on the “rules” of the sleeve (or whatever your tool) and move your body! Find something you love to do and DO it. My thing is the elliptical and strength training. No less than 5 days a week. Sometimes twice a day (depending on stress levels). This isn’t just something to do until the weight is off. This is something you’ll do for the rest of your life. The way you need to eat to be successful is how you will eat for the rest of your life. See, it’s not about getting healthy… It’s about BEING healthy. It’s an action word. BE healthy. Everyday. Make the right choices everyday. Not for the term of your “diet” but for your whole life. If you aren’t looking at it this way… You’ll be fat again in no time. Yes. That’s mean to say… But it’s true. My brain doesn’t even work the way it did a year ago. If it did, I wouldn’t be here writing this. 

Now hear this!!! Just because you lose the weight your life is not magically transformed into the perfect fairytale. If you have issues now… You will have issues later. Your weight is NOT he root of all your mess. I used to LOVE to blame problems on my weight. I mean, weight was an issue, but not THE issue. I have used this year to not only transform myself physically… But in other ways too. I strongly suggest you do the same. Really take stock of what’s going on in your life and begin the hard work of handling things. I’m a little type A and somewhat obsessive about things. I’ve really been honest with myself over the past year and worked on some things in my personal and professional life… what a difference a year makes! Look, if you’re already working hard you may as well get on with it… Right?!? Small changes everyday add up to a huge transformation!!!

Ok. I’ve made many of you fall asleep already. Sorry! Here are my stats!

  • Starting weight May 5, 2015: 300
  • May 18, 2015: 270 (-30)
  • Month ONE – June 5, 2015: 260 (-40)
  • Month TWO – July 8, 2015: 239 (-61)
  • Month THREE – August 5, 2015: 225 (-75)
  • Month FOUR – September 5, 2015 210 (-90)
  • Month FIVE – October 5, 2015 199 (-101)
  • Month SIX – November 5, 2015 188 (-112)
  • Month SEVEN – December 5, 2015 178 (-122)
  • Month EIGHT – January 6, 2016 174 (-126)
  • Month NINE – February 5, 2016 170 (-130)
  • Month TEN – March 5, 2016 166 (-134)
  • Month ELEVEN – April 5, 2016 163 (-137)
  • Month TWELVE – May 5, 2016 159 (-141)

Had a 4 pound loss this month. Slow and steady. I still have 9 pounds to lose. It may take all summer long. But the fact of the matter is… I will lose the 9 pounds. I wear a 10 consistently. I’ve put on an 8 but it was snug. Yes, I have a crap ton of excess skin. I may have it removed but certainly not for a year. I want to be at my goal weight for a long while before making any decisions about that. I still follow the rules of my sleeve. I may have a nibble of a dessert every once in a blue moon… But it’s just not my thing. I still avoid trigger foods. No need to add that stuff back into my life. I still love my Starbucks. It makes me happy. I’ll be here each month… Letting you know how I’ve done. Accountability is SO important!!!! 

Please let me know if I can ever give you some tips or advice… Support or encouragement. I’ve been there!

Be good to yourself.😊


14 thoughts on “ONE Year 

  1. This is just what I needed to read today!!! At almost 8 months, it’s ok to have a bit of a stall! Congratulations on how far you’ve come on your journey… you ARE a success story!

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    • Oh gosh! I started calling them the weeks of fluctuations! I usually bounce between the same 3 pounds for three weeks and then lose some for a week… Then repeat! It’s maddening, but I am used to it now. I’ll get the last 9 pounds. They have NO clue how patient and persistent I can be! LOL!
      Glad I could give you something useful! Keep rocking the sleeve!!!

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  2. You know what? Following your journey has been one of my favorite parts of my OWN journey. Your zest for life and confidence is something I lean on when I’m having a bad day. We have bonded over surgery, weight loss and plank challenges. I feel like I’ve known you forever and yet we have never met. 🙂 Reading your blog each month is something I look forward to because I know I’ll walk away with some renewed energy and a few laughs. It’s important being where we are that we don’t sugar coat things because really who does that help? It’s important folks understand to be successful you have to follow the rules. 🙂

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    • I think the fact that we are a teeny weeny bit of a Type A personality has served us well in that we tend to be rule followers. That being said… As you so eloquently put it in one of your recent blogs… This journey has really been about learning to love myself and being “ok” with letting go of perfectionism. We can’t be 100% on our game everyday. The idea is to always be 100% true to the end goal. And the end goal is to be the best me that I can become. That in itself is a never ending journey. So you really can’t ever settle and sit still. It’s always about growth. Learning about yourself is he greatest education you could give yourself.
      And I agree! You’re totally my sister. I talk about you like you live up the street. LOL! I’ll be talking about you to my husband and he’ll say, “Who’s that again?” And I’ll huff and say…. “You know… Jaaaaanelllllll.” And he’s like, “Oh yeah… Sorry!” Ha! Love ya gal! Thanks for always shooting straight with me! I need truth everyday!😊

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  3. What an incredible year! Congratulations on all of the changes – especially those mental ones – that you undertook this year. You’ve accomplished a lot and you’re definitely an inspiration to all of us here. I appreciate your straight-shooter-ness and look forward to it, especially when I’m in a funk and need a swift kick to get out of that! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what the next year brings for you as you get rid of those last few pounds and start maintaining. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  4. You wrote such an inspiring post! I totally agree with what you say. I just started my own’healthy life’ yourney. I want to throw my life around and start to live healthy, to be healthy! Reading this makes me feel like I do the right thing, thanks!

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