Nothing worth having is EASY…

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So I keep reading from many of you… “I’m not losing very fast.” “Everyone is losing faster than me.” “What if this is it? What if I won’t lose anymore weight?” “What if the surgery didn’t work?” That is failure talking. That is the old mind set rearing its ugly head. You have GOT to stop the negative, self loathing talk. Why do we do this to ourselves? You cannot let past failures determine your future. You have the control here. Honestly, if you FOLLOW THE PLAN your body will release the weight. Will you go as fast (or as slow) as I went? NO! You will go at the pace your body was designed to go and not a pound faster. This is tough MENTAL work folks. If you haven’t gotten yourself hooked up with a therapist… you may want to do this. It can be very helpful.

Look… my body was designed to work perfectly. It was. I messed that up. (Well, to be perfectly honest… Adam and Eve kinda derailed that train… but that is a whole other post… so back to me…) I have made choices all throughout my life that have changed and manipulated the way my body was intended to function. I made it fat. I made it slow. I made it sick. But you know what the grand news is?!?! I can also CHANGE what I have done. Now I make healthy choices. I exercise. I move. I build muscle. I make my body healthy and happy. I do that. Look people… I got fat slowly and over time. Guess how I got healthy?!? Slowly and over time. Am I cured?!?! OH HELL NO! I still struggle with head stuff. I will always struggle with that. But I own it and face it head on everyday. There is NO place for negative talk. I could sit here and pick apart my body if I wanted to. I could believe that I still need to lose more weight. I need to be a size 6 rather than an 8. My excess skin makes my body ugly. I’ll never look like a Victoria’s Secret model. On and on I could go… But you know what?!?! I am the BOMB! I am healthy, happy, sexy, amazing, smart, and freaking hysterical. I want to hang out with me cause I’m awesome! HAAAAAAA! Many people would say this makes me an arrogant bitch. It doesn’t. It makes me a fan of myself. Look… think of this… would you bust your tail as hard as you have been for someone you didn’t like too much? I know I wouldn’t. I mean… losing weight SUCKS. It is hard. All the working out and sweating. Dang. And to do it for someone you don’t like?!?! Nope. Ain’t happening. So folks… LOVE YOURSELF. Be ok with saying amazing stuff about yourself. Find things to love! There is NOTHING wrong with being your #1 fan. Take your clothes off and dance in front of the mirror until you fall in love with you… or fall on the floor laughing (which is what I did… that’s some funny stuff right there). But you have to start somewhere. You have spent all these years hating the person that you are. Learn to love you. If you don’t… you will NEVER be 100% satisfied with anything you do. And that includes losing weight.

Don’t all throw sticks at me for being hard core, brutally honest… Many days we all need a flat palm to the face. It just has to happen. I need one from time to time. Just know this… when I respond to your posts… I’m not being mean. I am trying to be the crab that pulls you OUT of the bucket rather than the one that pulls you back in. It’s cause I LOVE where I am and I want you to be there WITH me! So… dust off those “I” statements… those affirmations… and that positivity…. Start loving you!!!!

On to my stats…

  • Starting weight May 5, 2015: 300
  • May 18, 2015: 270 (-30)
  • Month ONE – June 5, 2015: 260 (-40)
  • Month TWO – July 8, 2015: 239 (-61)
  • Month THREE – August 5, 2015: 225 (-75)
  • Month FOUR – September 5, 2015 210 (-90)
  • Month FIVE – October 5, 2015 199 (-101)
  • Month SIX – November 5, 2015 188 (-112)
  • Month SEVEN – December 5, 2015 178 (-122)
  • Month EIGHT – January 6, 2016 174 (-126)
  • Month NINE – February 5, 2016 170 (-130)
  • Month TEN – March 5, 2016 166 (-134)
  • Month ELEVEN – April 5, 2016 163 (-137)
  • Month TWELVE – May 5, 2016 159 (-141)
  • Month THIRTEEN – June 5, 2016 154 (-146)
  • Month FOURTEEN – July 5, 2016 149 (-151) GOAL MET!!!!!!!

FullSizeRender (3)

Look at that! She did it! Met that goal of 150 on July 1st. 4 days short of 14 months. WOOOOOHOOOOO! Now on to maintain my goal between 150 and 155. I allowed myself a 5 pound buffer so I wouldn’t freak out when the numbers fluctuate. And I know they will fluctuate. Honestly… I did want to lose some more weight, but my husband and mother say no. Since I have NO real vision of what looks normal for myself… I have to trust them. So, on to maintenance. I know I can do this… just have to learn my new normal.

Love you! Now YOU love YOU!



17 thoughts on “Nothing worth having is EASY…

    • That makes me feel great! You’ve done such an amazing job on your journey and really transformed the way you look at life. Knowing that my post made your day is pretty awesome!!! We are on our way to the beach for a week. I’m going to follow your lead and see what a daily swim in the bay might do for me! I know lake living agrees with you!

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  1. Congratulations to you, friend for hitting your goal (never doubted for a second you would be there and soon). You know I wholeheartedly agree and appreciate your brutal truths. We all need to hear it from time to time. I love when you said that you love where you are. Isn’t that what this journey is all about? You deserve every second of happiness coming your way and I know you are making up for lost time. Xoxox

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