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Long Time No Write….

Well, folks… I know you are thinking… “Dang! That girl just fell off the face of the earth and has disappeared, really!!!” I promise I have not. I am lurking in the dark here… still rocking maintenance and giving a little support here and there on the blogs that I follow. There just really isn’t much to say on the day to day, so I try not to bore you with random junk.

I do have to say, maintenance is a whole other ball of wax and your mental stuff never really totally goes away. I think I will have “issues” in some form or another for the rest of my life. Now, I have talked a lot about things… been pretty blunt about things… and tried to be as honest as possible. Skin is one thing that keeps coming up over and over. To be honest… I really don’t think too much about it… but let me tell you why. I live in a house that was built in the early 60’s. Master bathrooms were not as luxurious as they are these days and so… my bathroom mirror is about 15″ X 24″ and I see from about mid-chest up… like I don’t even see boobs. This means on the day to day… I don’t see myself naked. When I do go look in the full length mirror (in my boys’ bathroom) I am already fully clothed and running out the door to work, etc. So for the most part, I rarely see me naked. So, in my mind… I look fine, like I do with clothes on. This is kinda funny though because I am always AMAZED when I go shopping for clothes and see myself scantly clad. I’m like… “DAMN! What the hell happened. I am looking like a wax candle that’s been sitting in the sun.” I always go home and apologize to my husband over and over for him having to see that mess naked. He just shakes his head and says… “Baby, the best part of my day is you naked!” and just hugs me tight. (Did I mention that I have THE best husband of all times?!?) I am able to fit into some 6’s but generally an 8 is always going to fit. That is crazy to wrap my head around. I mean… from a 24… that’s just insane! So, will I get the skin removed? I don’t know… I have kids who need to go to college in the next 2-4 years and bills to pay. I’m a cheap girl… so unless my imaginary rich grandmother pays for it… probably not anytime soon. 

I was telling someone the other day that I caught my reflection in the mirror while in the bathroom (we were tailgating at the local university football game) and I almost did not recognize myself. Still, even now… I just stood there with my mouth all gaped open staring. I looked like every other co-ed in the bathroom. It was weird and wonderful. I wasn’t the fat lady. I was a cute girl. Or at least I thought I was cute. LOL! I still have moments where people haven’t seen me in months and then they do… some recognize me and some do not. They always say, “Gawlee… you lost a ton of weight!” It always makes me laugh.

So here’s what you want to know… STATS…

I think I was about 146 this morning. It goes up and down… but I DO weigh every morning. It just keeps me accountable and on top of my weight. I still go through moments of logging my food. I like to always take a poll of what is going in. You’d be surprised at what you let slip by if you aren’t paying attention.

I am attaching a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. I DO workout every day. I do cardio and strength training. I think it is VERY important to maintain muscle mass. Yes, I have a crap ton of extra skin… but you can see what you can do with skin when dressed the right way. LOL! Enjoy!!!

This is one of my Before photos… I was right at 300 pounds and wore about a 24ish.

This was just the other day. I weight about 146-148. Wear a size 8 and a medium top.

Skin. Yikes. I do a 3 minute plank everyday. This is what dangles underneath me as I plank. Sexy…

Underneath my side plank.

Another side plank.

I know it’s gross… but, it is what it is… and I look pretty good in clothes. So all I’m saying is… be realistic. You can’t have a balloon blown way the hell up for years and years and expect it to retain the correct shape when  you let the air out. Ha! I’m happy. I love my life. I love my husband and kids. I love who I’ve become. Skin is just skin. Love yourself!!!

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